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Frequently Answered Questions

Blood Testing

Q - I want a discreet STD/STI test, how can I proceed?

A – You must first have a medical requisition from a licensed doctor in the province of Quebec. Once you and a doctor have been able to agree upon the best tests for your particular case, the doctor will then approve a blood/urine analysis.

Q – Is a medical requisition necessary for all services?

A – Yes, a medical requisition is required for ALL blood tests and urine analysis. For vaccine services, please contact us for more information.

Q – Why do I need a requisition?

A – Imagine for a moment that our blood analysis reveals an abnormal value. Isn’t it comforting to know you will be assessed and reviewed by a medical doctor? This law is created for YOUR benefit: to keep you safe and healthy.

While sometimes getting a requisition can be an inconvenience, remember that your health is worth the wait.


Q – What is the recommended delay for receiving vaccines?

A – This question is complex. The short answer is as soon as possible. The long answer depends on the vaccines you will need and where you will be traveling. Cas Medic recommends contacting us 2-4 months before your trip, if possible.

Q – Can I obtain the Yellow Fever vaccine at Cas Medic?

A – As a designated travel clinic recognized by the Public Health Agency of Canada, Cas Medic is approved to vaccinate travellers who will be visiting high risk countries. So competent is our medical staff that we are also authorized to sign on behalf of the Government of Canada that these vaccines were administered in line with international law.

Q – Do you offer walk-in vaccination services?

A – Yes, walk-ins for vaccinations are available on Mondays, from 8am to noon. You can also book an appointment to receive your vaccines when it is most convenient for you.


Q – Where can I go for walk-in service?

A – Cas Medic accepts walk-ins at our St-Martin Point of Service located at 1435 St-Martin, Suite 305 (3rd floor).

Q – Do I have to pay for home service?

A – Our home service is generally included in our price, however in certain situations, we may charge a mobility fee. This fee is dependent upon the number of visits to your home, the distance of your home as well as the amount of your bill. Please contact us for more information.

Q – I recently heard that Cas Medic offers AIR MILES® Rewards Miles, is this true?

A – Cas Medic recently became the EXCLUSIVE provider of AIR MILES Rewards Miles for blood testing and medical laboratory services in Quebec. As such, there is NO other place to get AIR MILES for this service.

Q – Who/What is Cas Medic?

A – Cas Medic is a blood testing and vaccination service provider, proudly reaching over 55% of Quebecers. Cas Medic also offers customized nursing services from cutting edge research to home hospice or post-operative care. As the leader in mobile services, Cas Medic’s versatile and qualified staff represent the best in private healthcare.

Q – How can I apply for employment?

A – Cas Medic is ALWAYS looking for energetic, experienced and client-oriented medical staff. If you are a nurse, auxiliary nurse or medical technician, Cas Medic wants you as a partner. We offer a competitive compensation package as well as flexible hours.